Life Study

What Makes Life Meaningful? Let’s figure it out together.

Introductory Video

Here’s the entire series you can check out.

STUDY #1: Is It All Meaningless?   Eccl. 1:1-18

HANDOUT: Bittersweet Symphony / Song’s Meaning / Jesus’ Beatitudes

STUDY #2: Where Can We Find Fulfillment?   Eccl. 2:1-26

HANDOUT: What is hedonism? / Christian hedonism? / The Prodigal Son

STUDY #3: Who is Really in Control?   Eccl. 3:1-22

HANDOUT: 10 Reasons to Accept the Resurrection of Jesus as Historical Fact

STUDY #4: What Attitudes Should We Embrace?   Eccl. 4:1-5:7

HANDOUT: Ten Things it Means that God Is Who He Is

STUDY #5: How Can We Be Content?   Eccl. 5:8-6:12

HANDOUT: Riches Versus Treasure

STUDY #6: Where Can We Find Wisdom?   Eccl. 7:1-29

HANDOUT: Change Your Legacy

STUDY #7: How to Live with Death?   Eccl. 8:1-9:10

HANDOUT: We Need En-LIGHT-En-Ment!

STUDY #8: What about Time and Chance?   Eccl. 9:11-10:20

HANDOUTWe When Bad Things Happen to Good People

STUDY #9: What Makes Life Meaningful?   Eccl. 11:1-12:14

Handout: Fear God: What does that mean?

STUDY #10: The Good Shepherd & His Sheep   John 10:1-21

Handout: The Good Shepherd and His Sheep?