Messiah Study

Introductory Video to The Messiah Study

What did Andrew mean when he told his brother, Peter, “We have found the Messiah?” (John 1:41) The Jewish people had read the prophecies that promised God would send a deliverer to save His people. The promise, beginning in Genesis’ stories, received increasingly clarification throughout the Old Testament.

Unfortunately, many misunderstood what this Messiah would do. They thought the Messiah would overcome God’s enemies (their Roman masters) and set up a political kingdom on earth. They ignored the Messiah’s spiritual role as a deliverer from sin and Satan. As a result, few were prepared to accept Jesus as the promised One. He didn’t fit their idea of what the Messiah would do.

Some, however, saw beneath the surface and recognized Jesus as the long-awaited Deliverer—God’s Anointed One who brought a New Covenant, completing God’s saving work in people’s lives. It became their purpose to share this good news with others.